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Welcome to the Flesh & Bone Design work portal.  This is where we will get all of the fine details taken care of to ensure the design process is both smooth and enjoyable from start to finish.  I am confident that if communication is clear, we will bring your visions to life in a special and unique way.  Please read and follow the instructions in the next three sections and your work order will be processed into my work flow immediately.  I want to thank you for choosing Flesh & Bone - Let's get to work.

Project Agreement

This is a link to a project agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of our project together.  All together there are 4 sections that you will click through and agree to the terms.  The 1st section goes over a lot of the general FAQ's that you and your team may have as far as my work flow is concerned.  The 2nd section goes over the fine print, and establishes definition and expectation for how our working relationship will go over the duration of this project.  The 3rd section goes over the specifics of revision requests.  The 4th and final section is where you will submit and electronic signature.  Everything is pretty straight forward and while all of this while this may sound daunting - this is here to put your mind and my mind at ease to make sure we are stepping out on the right foot together to get the job completed.  If you have any questions about anything you read, please let me know.


In order for me to properly execute your design needs, I need a glimpse inside your brain, your process, your world.  No one knows your project as well as you do, so the more you share with me, the easier it is for us to dig into the work in the proper direction right out of the gate.  There are four different sections that pertain to the main areas of design I focus on.  Before you were sent to this page, I would have told you exactly which questionnaire to select.  Please make sure you're filling out the correct one!  Fill it out as best you can - there are no wrong answers, and there is no pressure.  Be sure to get everyone on your team involved and find consensus on your answers before submitting.  Clear communication yields incredible results.

Digital Deposit

The final step in this process is monetary deposit.  I require 50% of the total project cost up front - this helps me know that you are ready to begin, helps me stay on task, and is fair to all of my client's current open projects.  You will find links below to pay via the three main digital wallets - paypal, venmo and cashapp.  If you are experiencing an issue with any of the links, please let me know.  If you need to pay by cash, check or other means, also let me know.  *PLEASE NOTE* - when submitting your payments via the digital wallets, there is no need for you to specify what you are sending the money for.  Please leave all detail fields blank, and send the deposit amount that was communicated before you were sent to this page.  After this, we are ready to begin.  Thank you!

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